No Way. Without Art.

Offenberger Healing Himself After Falling


I am still improving. To Move into this space. I am still growing an understanding what all past work was meant to do. I am working! And hope to soon show you more than this page.

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THIS PAGE IS (still) UNDER CONSTRUCTION (translations done by the machine.)

(IT seems to give report on how there was no way to overcome the figure of the artist without an artist. Misha Stroj seemed haunted by the attempt to incorporate and explicate such a report. But is now cured. Proof of that (more art!) soon to be seen and talked about.)

Thanks to all who made and make it possible!

  • On the River (Drifts a Wasp that (but) Only Sleeps)
    In his first solo exhibition, Misha Stroj, will present… a thread between the elements of text/image/object and claims to have solved the problem. In his latest work he goes back to the beginning.
  • moma. the museum of the mechanical age. 119 problems
    there will be no more! note the double move: the singularity of the experiences includes but cannot escape their shared goal: the “collected works” (oeuvre) will definitively be the sum of a life spent.
  • Mezzogiorno / Land Without Shadows
    Oh the beautiful days, on which there were abstractions and concepts -those who saved our lives. We look pale today. So that is from where to start.
  • To Wait (1)
    Occasions to wait were given by all those trains that have been arriving within 24 hours from the far West. The attention was given, prior to a ritualized welcoming of the trains, to nothing but the waiting itself.
  • The Column With The Knee (Self)
    Two disposable objects meet and seem fit to mark the place on which the artist used to act: a column found in a factory in Berlin, the body of the One asked to shape the industrial ruin’s future.
  • The Weird Case/Fall Offenberger
    From a series of found objects left by some „Ready Made Artists“ (avant la lettre). „The image of the intact body can only spring from an imagination that is able to swell into complex and cosmological models.“
  • Nearby a: Body
    Stroj began an extensive investigation and entered into correspondence with the individual laboratories to initiate a dialogue on the fields of research that served as the basis for the development of the relief. This process, as an experimental arrangement for the approximation of science and art…
  • The Crown Of Affinities
    And then…we shared a vision. What if the bridge would not connect from here to there but would transform into a form of circulation? How would we connect. And see.
  • As if I Was what I Am Doing
    Then, as indicated above, there is something like an actual constellation of thoughts, moods and needs – the source of those is more than evident: it can only be the encounter with the work, if not person, of Alisson.
  • Misha Stroj, Signature
    Report is defined as a document that objectively describes a situation or an action without the inclusion of any judgement of the author.
  • Il Fanfarone
    Productivity and growth are considered common commandments also of the artist’s working on their “thing”. Time for dissidence? (Does I not grow anymore?)
  • The Passenger
    They unleash a willful activity that is the opposite of Pavlov’s reaction, vivid counterproduction, self­ achievement. If they arbitrarily do so, they are tearing something alive around, just as Achilles does with the murdered Hector…
  • Schroedinger‘s Kitchen
    You will see the probably last photo showing Schroedinger (original) as well as the experimental set­up into which he transformed his kitchen (an eternity), found in the abandoned apartment. Schrödinger was no longer seen.
  • As Bring Collective
    A project that sees itself as an attitude of getting involved with a supposed public, and anticipates an imaginary morphology in the case of a communal uprising. Somehow the exhibition celebrates itself as an event, the installation remains performative.
  • el eco estruendoso de los proprios pasos
    Our goals were, we agree, openly naive and outlandish: we wanted to create significant encounters based on the language of practice. The scale (semi-industrial, craft, literal, domestic or poetic) was not of importance; the sculptureness of research lay in our sneaking onto the privileged pedestal of sharing the language of making things…
  • Meter Un Paquete Al Eco
    Given the awkwardness and naivete caused by the attempt to navigate the new words of the unknown language, Stroj takes the opportunity to go back to being a neophyte, extending his formula for (language) learning into a formula for (sculpture) production. This with the aim of articulating a language, that is not literal or metaphorical, but potentially practical.
  • A Monument To The Watermills
    As we walk along their monument, recreationally, they are adapted and rebuilt, lapsed or demolished ­ and finally allow us not to see them in the context of the world of work. Redundancy on the one hand, free time on the other hand ­ but as Marx already diagnosed, idleness is not included.
  • Glasgow’s Mr.Muir
    A first exercise to make a place, or an object, speak – or express those drives, forces and vibes that are to be sensed, not just in the air. The magic of such a mediation: to fully become somebody else, again.
  • Destination Wien
    And of course are all those words and names given to those things and events a provisorium, and of course also our mortality means something. Hope to find the time to correct soon!
  • Le Cose / Things
    The exhibited works illuminate a personal story, one which is revealed in terms of both a paradox and an intimate narration in which the artist’s personal experience becomes comparative in a trans-figural way and which may be read in relation to several aspects of European economic history and late 20th century Italian literature.
  • Sorry, there is no secret
    In the context of one of those Biennalen I am afraid it was due to obvious unpreparedness, that bitter polemics lead to more than subversion: at best aggressive self-sabotage?
  • Nobody wants her for free, therefore she has to sell herself
    So the most urgent thing is the awakening of this fundamental disagreement, to make the body construct feel like a place of struggle, as a compromise as well as a work.
  • A Bridge is a Window, not for Those who Build It
  • Instruction For Happiness
    The weakness of our Instruction: it (she) seems to remain a (just) project but let her: come to an end by being completed. Call it a site. Complete site: elaboration of a practice, an exercise.
  • Berg Berg (Loch)
    Besser auf ein Loch zu spekulieren, als in es zu fallen! Ich setze auf die Konzentration unserer Praxis auf die Stelle der Begegnung unter einer möglichst diversen Zahl von Anderen. Ich sehe keine Alternative zum elaborierten… Read more: Berg Berg (Loch)
  • Shrink!
    In the beginning there was confusion there was a continuous present and later there was romanticism which was not a confusion but an extrication and now there is either succeeding or failing there must be distribution and equilibration there must be time that is distributed and equilibrated.
  • time doesn`t work for me any longer
    It was important to me that these texts are always related to reality: not just that they relate to it, but that they work in it; that they are a piece in the dramaturgy of the real, that they constitute the instrument…
  • Back to the Land of Birth
    The place of exile, which is language that is scripture, will probably also derive from the material in which every symbolic formulation manifests itself. Or.: A poem! In the style of an ancestor. Reading Aimè Cèsaire’s… Read more: Back to the Land of Birth
  • Schönheit Is a Verb
    In the face of this “eternal writing and ignorance of how to assess, place, or even use this writing,” he addressed the author and lyric poet Michael Hammerschmid with the question, “How do I recognize a poem?”
  • We Would Rather Prefer…
    It is still and as always a question of class, to feel or not feel the (seemingly naturalized by habit) right and need to claim and own all those places, positions and whatever there is to be owned.
  • Making a Discovery, Being a Discovery?
    The “true life” is thus expressed in the event of a relationship in the course of action, relationship also to things, but for the time being also to the unknown, from where the refusal … the interaction process, which informs the individual through the process of invocation [Interpellation ] allows one to identify with an imaginary representation of his/her actual social circumstances.
  • Facsimiles of…Debt
    To the right extent we should always remember overwhelmingly experienced contradictions, in the best case the materiality of incompatibility can be understood as „an experience“. Ar artists not increasingly restrained by an excessive staging of their own creditworthiness?
  • The Sea Of Mondrian
    but do not want to break anymore have been too long sea do not want to be sea anymore have been too long already broke
  • Portabottiglie / Bottle Rack
    Driving through the Piemonte countryside early in the morning, a shiny thing caught the attention of Misha Stroj. The aroused curiosity led to the discovery of a two and a half meter high, metallic bottle dryer…
  • Endless Column
    Excitement, fascination and solace given by past models of art making as a form of life are still at work. Of course! It may feel like an embrace of beauty.
  • Primary Event
    A Preface to my Invention Itself, might have meant a fearless renewal of one‘s own. How come the list of 1999 is still valid?
  • No Need To Wash The Cock’s Head (Coming Home)
    The weight of an elephant is a world apart from that of an ant, but the amount and frequency of the ant’s steps is also a world apart of those of the elephant.
  • Imitating Heaven / Touching Earth
    If they try to touch sky, they probably end up standing on their toes, if not earth. Which is not a metaphor.
  • On The Songs Of Nowhere
    So here we are three and at the same time many, enduring and encouraging each other: to be saved in things and sentences; to share, of course, the joy of art as an exercise in strangeness.
  • For Sure The Stars Have Never Been Growing Out Of Unhandiness So Clearly
    The exhibition was dedicated to the fragmentary, ruined history of a place / community. The extraction of salt has decreased. It seemed appropriate to encourage the possibility of a spontaneous crystallization of collective unfinished memory.
  • The Warehouse
    And inside: a practical alliance of the people who invent a new discipline, where did I read it? Those who have nothing! But have the passion of ideas. That’s how I read it. The course of things ­will be different then.
  • Now that We can Talk About (Lament as Praxis)
    There is no reliance on time, it has often been repeated: time does not heal wounds, so there is no time to lose!
  • A Conversation
    If that was one of those places where one idea of/about a world met another…we were allowing moods to shake our intentions.
  • I Am Thinking How / I Am Making Art
    Polemics, they are poisonous. But truthfulness and honesty inside of them – a little medicine too?
  • The Lord Chandos Letter
    The famous letter yes, which describes the feeling of words falling apart like mushrooms, in our mouth – but also casting shapes by just being spoken.
  • Ohne Titel (Für “Wespennest”)
    Some strong hints, that an extraordinary broadness is expresses in those signs of parenthesis here.
  • Production Line
    Still, we seem to make us working on seeing the difference: between production and creation? All those Sabbaticals and Strikes, keep on leaving me bewildered.
  • Constitution and (Gentle) Identifikation
    Cosmic, is what they used to call a sense of coordination and connection, timing and rhythm of all(!) those forces and elements at work. A planetary song.
  • A Rehue
    Some left-overs of the knowledge, skills and techniques that were not corrupted in Western Salons – we dared to listen. And climb.
  • Fear Is A Whoever’s Best Friend
    For finding models of comprehension, identification and meaning, of course it‘s people, friends, but Monsters also, creatures if not: things.
  • Artist‘s Shoulders
    The gesture of offering your shoulder‘s for the relief of the suffering other, it has been a sacred one. What I sold was just a cast of those shoulders. Not the dream.
  • If I Was The State, I Would Not Cry (Bloomitude)
    How celebratory life can be. When weekends end, we may start the work of reconstruction. They sold the Lehmbruck!
  • A Dusty Country Road, Then Some Juicy Green
    I really and honestly wanted to become nothing but the Räuberhauptmann. And still don‘t know how to translate this word. Should have asked for less.
  • Towards a Minor Art (of) Lighter Life
    Was das Licht daran hindert (What hinders the Light) (Detail) / 2014 / photography, collage / 37 x 27 cm / Show: Viennafair / Herbst 2014 / Messe Wien, Vienna For a minor art 1) It… Read more: Towards a Minor Art (of) Lighter Life
  • Where There Was Fabrik, There Shall Be Factory
    Hence the economic paradox that the greatest means of shortening working­ time is turned into the most infallible means of transforming all the life­time of the worker and his family into disposable labor­time for the realization of capital.
  • Index Broken
    Holding your hand in your hand to point towards what- or whoever, feels like owning a smart device. But the finger broke.
  • Every Meaning Happens For A Reason
    So essentially you are asked to simply have faith, faith in the current system, faith in yourself, faith in society at large, you are asked to trust that ultimately everything will be in harmony. And trust that everything happens for a reason.
  • Loss and Laughter
    His work thus becomes an exercise in endless combinations and analyses, which paradoxically don’t lead to a close, practical system, but rather to an explosion of doubts, reminding us that there are no solutions, only problems.
  • Primary Event Extended
    An exercise to be tried and tried: to be more the ship passing, than the one watching it.
  • As You Like It
    If all the world is a Topf, how come there is no Deckel? A forest for Shakespeare – am taking orders for designs in all fields of applied arts anytime!
  • The Bourgeoise Show
    The objective is to show how the establishment of a polis is dependent upon a separation and exclusion which constitutes a grey zone.
  • Towards (A Moving Image)
    … in the same time keeping the button pressed–in the hopefully most obvious way. a little too fresh to evaluate the result–but there is one–and actually in this case it serves more as a Platzhalter for any other possible result…
  • Galeria SGOK
    And then they talked about the place without names, where there is no need to talk about those not present. But now I learn: that Gossip used to be a space of emancipation and dissidence!
  • Backup
    To remember and be considered later.
  • We Are Those That Never Have Been
    Donkey, in this case, is a false name given to a true revelation. We will not forget! Those days spent in the Pyrenees.
  • The Event (Kauz)
    I just kept on watching, following the rail. Till something happened. Paolo said it‘s beautiful, magic, so I kept it.