Pre Studies For An Art Without An Artist

Offenberger Healing Himself After Falling


(Do I want to be a comet? I wonder. For they have the speed of birds; they bloom on fire and are like… words I can‘t control. U better write to:

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We are giving report on how there was no way to overcome the figure of the artist without an artist. Misha Stroj was an attempt to incorporate and explicate such a report, to linger in what we got used to question. Kritik ja, or better: an announcement of how we are going to build our encounters better, not tomorrow – but today. Now, learning from all that is collected here, we are building a tool which tries to construct, to praxis and to critic as (in) 1 Bewegung (a movement):


U better Work Write

  • On the River (Drifts a Wasp that (but) Only Sleeps)
    In his first solo exhibition, Misha Stroj, will present… a thread between the elements of text/image/object and claims to have solved the problem. In his latest work he goes back to the beginning.
  • moma. the museum of the mechanical age. 119 problems
    there will be no more! note the double move: the singularity of the experiences includes but cannot escape their shared goal: the “collected works” (oeuvre) will definitively be the sum of a life spent.
  • Mezzogiorno / Land Without Shadows
    Oh the beautiful days, on which there were abstractions and concepts -those who saved our lives. We look pale today. So that is from where to start.
  • To Wait (1)
    Occasions to wait were given by all those trains that have been arriving within 24 hours from the far West. The attention was given, prior to a ritualized welcoming of the trains, to nothing but the waiting itself.
  • The Column With The Knee (Self)
    Two disposable objects meet and seem fit to mark the place on which the artist used to act: a column found in a factory in Berlin, the body of the One asked to shape the industrial ruin’s future.
  • The Weird Case/Fall Offenberger
    From a series of found objects left by some „Ready Made Artists“ (avant la lettre). „The image of the intact body can only spring from an imagination that is able to swell into complex and cosmological models.“
  • Nearby a: Body
    Stroj began an extensive investigation and entered into correspondence with the individual laboratories to initiate a dialogue on the fields of research that served as the basis for the development of the relief. This process, as an experimental arrangement for the approximation of science and art…
  • The Crown Of Affinities
    And then…we shared a vision. What if the bridge would not connect from here to there but would transform into a form of circulation? How would we connect. And see.
  • Misha Stroj, Signature
    Report is defined as a document that objectively describes a situation or an action without the inclusion of any judgement of the author.
  • Il Fanfarone
    Productivity and growth are considered common commandments also of the artist’s working on their “thing”. Time for dissidence? (Does I not grow anymore?)
  • The Passenger
    They unleash a willful activity that is the opposite of Pavlov’s reaction, vivid counterproduction, self­ achievement. If they arbitrarily do so, they are tearing something alive around, just as Achilles does with the murdered Hector…