Il Fanfarone

Dear Janina, dear Marlies, I am glad I am pleased to be part of the growing relationships of the Dinger, the fanfares will shine! Sounds promising, promises me to think ourselves the right place ­if not know. best regards meanwhile, Misha

io non aumento piú (Versione Fanfarone) (I do not grow anymore (Version Loudmouth)) / 2012 / Artist’s belt, aluminium / 163,5 x 105 x 4 cm / Show: Pascal Schwaighofer ­ Misha Stroj / 30.03. ­ 26.05.2012 / ar/ge Kunst, Bolzano + Vienna Biennale 2017 / MAK, Vienna

Io non aumento piú (I do not grow anymore), was later called Il Fanfarone, the loudmouth. Productivity and growth are considered common commandments also for the artist’s working on their “thing”. Time for dissidence? For the first time, the belt (the same hole in the belt) that had been in use for years, was given up and declared an art work as also a proof of stagnation (in Bolzano next to the photo of the bowling alley mentioned somewhere else, and the confession: last year I did not work at all.) We will have to demonstrate how fantasized presence (not just of the body) becomes a fetish.

In dealing with our inventions, works, “self­expansions” or “substitutes”, new fields of interaction open up. Not only in the context of museums do the objects created by man act as parts of ever new networks in a world beyond their creators. The awareness that through our actions, not least through our work , we are in a reciprocal relationship with the things created by humans, is the occasion to shed light on this topic in the MAK DESIGN LAB. Last but not least, the exhibition reflects on the curatorial work process itself, in which the astonishment about how the relationships between things grow, constantly arises. (Janina Falkner, Marlies Wirth, approx traanslation)