The Sea Of Mondrian

The Sea (of the baggage master and Sunday painter Domingo Foix)
you broke yes I understand are sea yes yes understand very broke
be also sea yes I understand are also broke very sea yes yes understand
but do not want to break anymore have been too long sea
do not want to be sea anymore have been too long already broke
yes I understand with you too with you there too are not more sea are no longer broke too yes yes understand yes yes understand too
but who broke once the sea will always stay yes I understand
yes yes understand

(to Ernst Jandl, owls. or. Jusep Torres Campalans, talks with the sister of the anarchist D.F.)

Mondrian’s Meer (The Sea of Mondrian) / wood, fabric, cardboard, iron and sketch / 2015 / Show: Skulptur­ institut on the former cargo trainstation Vienna North / Summer 2015 / Vienna