Loss and Laughter

loss and laughter / 2005 / wood, applications / 51 x 184 x 378 cm / Show: eine staubige landstrasse, dann saftiges grün (a dusty country road, then some juicy green) / 14.08. ­ 16.10.2005 / Villa Merkel, Esslingen

So it looks like: as if the shelf keeps it’s legs tight; looses of course stability. Picturesque applications (teapot, book, calendar, flyer, fabric, bar, etc.) should give the poor one a little dignity and function. It leans on. Well.

…betray the belief in a perfect correspondence between one’s own obsession and the external world. This faith can be tinted with mystical connotations: it’s the illusion – at times liberating, other times simply desperate – of controlling the world by discovering the secret affinities that regulate it… His work thus becomes an exercise in endless combinations and analyses, which paradoxically don’t lead to a close, practical system, but rather to an explosion of doubts, reminding us that there are no solutions, only problems. (Massimiliano Gioni)

Thanks to an intuition, a final fate came to pass: can an object also enter the state of embarrassing deadlock? So, as if a little somebody stands far away from the broad­legged ones (iOS this a word?) on shaky legs? The Gioni article quoted on the top concludes with a quote:

Estragon: What were you saying when?
Vladimir: At the very beginning Estragon: The very beginning of WHAT?

Vladimir: This evening … I was saying … I was saying
Estragon: I’m not a historian
Vladimir: Wait … Do you not remember?

Estragon: I’m tired

(Beckett, Godot)