On The Songs Of Nowhere

Auf die Lieder des Nirgend. Wandtext

Julia Kristeva has written the beautiful book “Strangers To Ourselves”, AWAY is once again an occasion to read it. It seems easy and safe to try an appeal in an environment like this: for a serene insistence on our presumed alienation, it seems urgent.

I celebrate the multitude of encounters I experienced in New York by showing you a sculpture by Carl Boutard and an email excerpt from Giulia Gabrielli. So here we are three and at the same time many, enduring and encouraging each other: to be saved in things and sentences; to share, of course, the joy of art as an exercise in strangeness. I am a babble of voices in the Whateverwald. Joined by a report from the beach of Valparaíso and: an edition of Freedom (Hürriyet). The Republic (Cumhuriyet) was not been found in Vienna today.

How else to report from Istanbul? The temporary community of fishermen on the Galata Bridge invited me to experience there as part of many. When I imagined we should prefer to stand in a circle with our fishing rods in hand, I thought I saw a proposal to improve conditions; and build. I still mean it. The need for improvement is blatant. In this text, too, I confess that I am unrecognizable in this painfully naive tone. On the songs of the Irgend! The good forces there.

Auf die Lieder des Nirgend. Installation.

Auf die Lieder des Irgend (On the Songs of Erewhon) / 2016 / Installation / various sizes / Show: AWAY, a project around residencies / 10.11. – 11.12.2016 / Former post­ and telegraph office, Vienna

Carl Boutards Untitled (Seed) /

2016 / Paper on cardboard
Giulia Gabriellis but what is your

stimmung of the day? / 2016 / E­Mail

Die Krone der Verschwägerung

(dezimiert) (The Crown of the Sisterhood­In­Law (depleted)) / 2014 / MDF, iron, plywood, cardboard, hinge, screws

Weil wovon sich berichten ließe, sich berichten lässt (Because what could be Reported, can be Reported) / 2009, 2010 / Assemblage with photography

Freiheit (Republik war nicht zu finden) (Freedom (Republic was not to be Found)) / 2016 / newspaper

and: An einem der letzten Nachmittage des Jahres 2013, Galata­Brücke (On one of the last Afternoons of the Year 2013, Galata­bridge) / 2013 / photography / 20 x 20 cm:

The Songs Of Nowhere On Galatabridge
But What Is Your Stimmung