Every Meaning Happens For A Reason

Every Meaning Happens for a Reason (with Aarti Sunder) / 2016 / Soundfile, wood, photography / Show: Only in the Occident, Curated By Luigi Fassi / 08.09. – 05.11.2016 / Mauroner Contemporary Art, Vienna

The work is an interim review of the collaboration with Aarti Sunder / Chennai on the occasion of a group exhibition in Vienna :
It all begins with the aim of the two artists to give up, if not abolish, positions of their own and individual rationality, by working towards a shared vision of their respective practices. Conceived as an ephemerally austere object in form of a sculpture, Every Mening Happens for a Reason refers to geometry as a universal language of expression, one dating back to its Babylonian origin ­ way before the establishment of any European rationality. The work makes the observer hear a voice speaking a monologue written by the artists themselves, a kind of eye­ opener statement showing how the sedation of peole on a political, social and economical level allows the ignorance of misery and the fabrication of personal and collective fears. A counter discourse towards the hegemonic life­style, of talk­, consume­, and not­think­style advanced by the neoliberal project, Every Meaning Happens for a Reason invites the viewer/listener to reconsider the role of reason and subjectivity within the present time. At the same time, it invites to a more proactive and generous approach towards life ­ the way, Stroj and Sunder are able to bring about a self critical and joyful impact on one own’s and other’s life.
(Luigi Fassi)

Is there still a chance to act in this world? What hope exists, if at all, individually or collectively? Don’t lose hope. When it gets dark, the stars will come out. whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, do it. Action has magic, grace and power in it. I think the goal is to build up the wall of positivity so high around you that no matter what negativity comes your way it can’t get through but bounces off and no longer affects your well­being. So essentially you are asked to simply have faith, faith in the current system, faith in yourself, faith in society at large, you are asked to trust that ultimately everything will be in harmony. And trust that everything happens for a reason. (…)