Towards a Minor Art (of) Lighter Life

Was das Licht daran hindert (What hinders the Light) (Detail) / 2014 / photography, collage / 37 x 27 cm / Show: Viennafair / Herbst 2014 / Messe Wien, Vienna

For a minor art 1) It haunts our heads, even more than fills our speeches, locally and in time: the life form. How could she become a ghost, so far away from what she means: life ­ in shape? Here in the letter, so close to the term, you under­cheer the as a something for which it was also called damaged. In spite of everything, is “committed” the best, best? Life? How now? Seek the daily encounter. Produce. Pathos of presence. Where only in the imagination … where only in the imagination? It quickly becomes fragmentary; that is bearable and can not be found in the rounded aphoristic format. Imagine: an open life. First, make inventory again. To start again: to imagine an encounter! Just let it be ­ but activity was overestimated? Let the other one be and also promote? The lust of presumption can be appreciated. At least, so to speak, immediate experience can be appreciated: as a way to make a start again. So: you could start again. Feel it? In the best sense hybrid makes clear, open, feel? Just do not coquet with the paradox, but the complexity of the loop, loop meet. Basically mythical? How fascinated is negativity and lack? Where it would be outside: the life to get in shape. Involved? Involved. The thought there.

The Brooklyn Bridge / 2010 / Fragments of the Brooklyn Bridge New York, framed / 26 x 32 x 3 cm / Show: Present Future, Torino

In New York, it’s called the sale of the Brooklyn Bridge to mark dodgy shops. After all, original parts of the bridge were appropriated and shown alongside their fleeting photographic illustration. Polemics are overcome! For, as indicated above, there is occasion for things to refresh their dignity!

la frantumatricossa cubitale (the giant broken matrix) (Detail) / 2011 / headlines, wood, laquer, metall / Various sizes / Show: Present Future, Artissima / Torino

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