If I Was The State, I Would Not Cry (Bloomitude)

If I Was the State I would not Cry (detail) / 2007 / wood, metal, 3 framed photographies / 146 x 45 x 45 cm + 3x (51,5 x 36 cm) / Show: Faksimile der Schuldverschreibungen (Facsimiles of the certificates of indebtedness) / 18.09. ­ 06.11.2010 / Kerstin Engholm Galerie, Vienna

A spontaneous visit to Villa Tugendhat was interrupted by it’s locked doors. An extensive stay outside the building has only called for a closer look. How then a chain of incidents a possibly subjective appreciation and thus the eventful feeling accomplishes … to communicate was a series of photos. The real reasons for gripping fascination that an object can trigger are skipped here. The motives to reconstruct the same will be executed when the work will be more than design. The hesitant “if I was the state …” should proudly become “The Raw Suite”. The Facts: Lehmbruck’s Torso, turning around, was part of the establishment of Mies van der Rohe’s Villa Tugendhat in Brno. The original was recently bought at an auction of 1.14 million pounds by an unknown person. The fragmentary nature of each torso may play a role in fascination and esteem. (The activity of replacing always or more recently imaginary parts is worth paying attention to).

Extensive words were found about the gaze as an event. Here a triangle around the newly polished car: the couple, or triple, proud, with each other. It is a Lada, Mod 2106, built in the 70s in Togliattigrad (SU), a town that grew with it’s car factory (by the way, faithful copies of the Fiat brand were made). The city’s namesake is Palmiro Togliatti, co­commander of Gramsci at Ordine Nuovo, a magazine they took over to shift their focus from historical to contemporary engaged thinking. They felt they were successful and close to their goal of reaching the workers, their quest for self­confidence and freedom.