A Bridge is a Window, not for Those who Build It

Eine Brücke ist ein Fenster, nicht für die, die sie bauen (A Bridge is a Window, not for Those who Build It) (detail) / 2010 / various materials (h.: photogram) / 54 x (ca.61 x 42 cm x 10 cm) / 09.09.09 ­ 20.03.2010 / Arbeiterkammer, Vienna

An installation for the foyer of AK Vienna, which was created with the help of the experiences collected in Santiago (see el eco…) and previously collected material of the worker’s chamber library on site. Advance to the procedure: The 6 walls are vertically divided into three, thus creating 18 surfaces (290 high X 187 wide), or 6 Tryptichen, or 1 comprehensive representation of the subject to be developed: LABOUR. The entire present material to be processed was collected in the AK library. The formal as well as material solution of the presentation, as well as a refinement of the formulation of the problem, are developed following intensive research processes ­ and inseparable from each other. It takes into account the attention of the visitors, which applies only in relative terms to art, that is to say, if possible, it seeks a less penetrating ­ if not unpretentious ­ form of the final work. The immediate vision, which also led to the tripartite division of the areas, saw a rather massive, area­-filling relief; A mixture of different formats, materials and methods seems more invigorating for both production and reception. The 18 fields are developed in different ways, whereby as indicated a discreet formal unification is sought.

The not only obvious access should be one that consistently follows my previous work. Therefore, the question of the form of organization of each lifetime is linked to the form of appropriation of language, environment and a kind of personality. The search for material has begun with a list of catchphrases found in the all­ too ­popular talk of “crisis,”, once more a collection of historical and social conditions of production /subjectivities, not at last, bodies) is created. Each panel has a text plate integrated into it. The following terms were used to search the stock of the AK library:


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